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Home - An introduction to the exclusive Panache - King Of Spas custom built spas.


Models - A brief introduction to the five models in the Panache - King Of Spas range.


Emperor - A detailed look at The Emperor.


Sovereign - A detailed look at The Sovereign.


Monarch - A detailed look at The Monarch.


Regent - A detailed look at The Regent.


Viscount - A detailed look at The Viscount.


Gallery - A photographic gallery showing the unique nature of our bespoke spas / hot tubs.


Dealers - A list of Panache - King Of Spas authorised dealers.


Lakeland Spas - Dealer page.


Cornish Hot Tubs - Dealer page.


Perthshire Country Spas Ltd. - Dealer page.


Latest - All the latest news from Panache - King Of Spas.


About - Learn a little more about the people behind Panache King Of Spas.


Contact - Make contact with Panache - King Of Spas.


Links - Links to other related websites.

Panache - King Of Spas Custom Built Luxury Spas
Panache - King Of Spas - Custom Built Luxury Spas Hot Tubs

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