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Here’s where you can keep up to date with all the latest news and developments at Panache - King Of Spas.


February 2007 - Panache - King Of Spas Official Launch - We launched at the Spatex 07 show in Brighton where we received a fantastic response.  Among the spas we had on show was The Emperor with an eye-catching ‘Union Jack’  design integrated within the spa shell.  We wanted to dramatically show just how unique our spas are.  The ‘Union Jack’ spa certainly delivered and became the talk of the show.  Take a look at a couple of photo’s from the show.

Panache - King Of Spas - The Emperor Union Jack spa
Panache - King Of Spas - Spatex 07 Show

February 2007 - The Emperor ‘Union Jack’ spa we unveiled at Spatex 07 has certainly captured the imagination and we have received several enquiries from industry magazines wanting to run features on our unique spas.  In the coming months Panache - King Of Spas are set to become the spas everyone’s talking about.

Panache - King Of Spas - The Emperor - 'Union Jack' Design

February 2007 - One of the UK’s most well known spa / hot tub specialists - Lakeland Spas are appointed as the first Panache - King Of Spas dealers.  Lakeland came to national attention after being featured on Channel Four’s hit show, Relocation, Relocation.  Situated in Carlisle, Lakeland Spas currently have the ‘Union Spa’ in their showroom.  If you’re in their area they’d love to see you and tell you all about our unique spas. Take a look at their website - >> www.lakelandspas.co.uk.

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Panache - King Of Spas Dealer Cornish Hot Tubs

March 07 - Cornish Hot Tubs appointed as dealers.  Well established father and son business Cornish Hot Tubs joined the Panache - King Of Spas team this March.  Covering the Devon and Cornwall area and very experienced spa and hot tub suppliers, they make a welcome addition to our team.  If you’re in their area of the country and would like to know more about the Panache - King Of Spas range they would be more than pleased to hear from you.  >> More Info

Panache - King Of Spas dealers Lakeland Spas on Channel 4

March 07 - Our first dealer, Carlisle based Lakeland Spas, have cemented their position as the UK’s most well known spa suppliers with their recent re-appearance on Channel Four’s popular property programme, ‘Relocation, Relocation’.  The programme has just aired and was a follow up to a previous programme in which they starred last year.

For more info on Lakeland Spas >> click here

Panache - King Of Spas featured in Pool & Spa Industry magazine
Panache - King Of Spas article in Pool & Spa Industry magazine